Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter

The kids were really into Easter this year. Well, I should say they were really into finding easter eggs this year, and that is not what Easter is really all about. On Saturday we went to 4 egg hunts. They loaded up. We wen to a hunt with my brother Adam and his family, then we went to our park for a hunt. Then we had a party with Jeremys cousins on his moms side. Then we ended up at Grandma P's house for another egg hunt. Wow, what a day. That night at Grandma P's house the Easter Bunny left their bikes for them early. It was raining but that did not stop them. They were out in the rain riding up and down the drive way. Tucker did really well for not ever riding before.

Jeremy had to talk him through it a couple of times, but he eventually got the hang of it.

Easter morning, checking to see if the Easter Bunny came, again.

I love the facial expressions, they were so excited to see what they got.

We also had our annual egg hunt with Jeremy's family. Grandpa P. was at work so he was not able to be with us for the hunt. We missed him. This year we all did a mad dash to find our eggs so we would not get caught in the rain. We didn't make it, it started raining on us. It was still fun.

Grandma, Aunt Natalie, Afton and Tucker getting ready for the egg hunt.

Uncle Casey and Tucker take a break from hunting for eggs.

Once Tucker found his bubbles he was done with finding eggs. I ended up finding the rest of his.
Well that was a long post, I am done now, Bye.

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